Create, decorate and print from your iPhone!
Get inspired, compose and decorate with PrintUP, the App that lets you create with your pictures and print directly from your iPhone anytime and anywhere.

From your photo to your product in just 3 easy steps:
   1 Select the pictures from iPhone camera roll,
      Instagram, Facebook and all Photography Apps;
   2 Choose products (prints, Frames and t-shirts),
      formats, options and have fun with effects;
   3 Ssend your order and you will get your products at home.

Smile. The printing freedom that you and your photos have been waiting for is finally here!

PrintUp is an application made in Italy that lets you print the photos that are trapped in your iPhone. Available throughout the world, it has been designed and produced entirely by PhotoSì S.p.A., leader in the photographic print market and reference point for the international digital market. In a period dominated by social networks and digital photographs, we are constantly searching for technological solutions and social dynamics in order to simplify the printing process and let you “relive” your emotions. With PrintUP the most beautiful snaps of your life are transformed in small works of art, freed from your iPhone, and ready to bring a smile to your face… forever.

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What paper does PrintUpuse to print my photos?
The PrintUpprint service uses matt photographic paper with a chemical printing process for a high quality finish.

What formats can I use to print my photos?
PrintUpsuggests usersto use only formats compatible with the proportions of each photo (rectangular orsquare) and of the layout selected (normal or ‘social’).
The complete range of print formats is divided in twogroups ’12 size’ (or ’12x’) and ’20 size’ (o ’20x’), defined by the measurement in centimetres of the smaller side.
The ’12x size’ includes the following formats: 12×16, 12×18, 12×12 and 12×15;
the ’20x size’ includes the following formats: 20×25, 20×27, 20×20 and 20×30;
the ’20x size’ is not available on iPhone 3G, iPod Touch and iPad1.

What images can I send withPrintUp?
Images from various sources can be selected:
- Direct acquisition of photos with the camera function integrated in the application ;
- The photo folder of the smartphone (‘Photo roll’);
- Files generated by other photo or photo processing applications.

Can I touch up the photos before sending them?
Yes: PrintUplets you add borders and effects to your photos with just a few clicks, during the ordering process.
The’social layout’, which adds a border and a series of graphic and text elements, which can be shared, can be applied to individual images.

How can I personalise the’social layout’?
The ‘social layout’ lets you add a personalised text (max 70 characters including spaces) and aprofile image (‘avatar’), that must be set by the user with the program settings (the image can also be selected from a Facebook profile, after having accessed the account with the user name and password). The date and the location information (ifpresent) cannot be changed and therefore the ‘social layout’ must be disabled to avoid printing them. Avatar, text, dateandlocation are added on the bottom edge of a white border, which cannot be changed. Before sending the order a print preview of everyphoto with ‘social layout’ is available.

What packaging do you use for the prints?
The packaging for the ’12x’ prints uses a bag for orders up to 9 prints and a box for orders of 10 prints or more.
The ’20x’ prints always use a bag, independently of the quantity of the prints.
Different formats included in the same order will be delivered each one in its own packaging.

How are the printed photos delivered?
Deliveries useinternational courierswith standard delivery times (without tracking).

What are the payment methods?
The payment is online, with a credit cardor PayPal. The delivery costs and times are specified in the application. The delivery costs includesthe costs of multiple separate deliveries.

What are the delivery times?
The times are specified in the application. After sending the order, the user is sent an email with the expected delivery times for the products ordered.

How can I contact the support service?
For any information about the application, the print service and deliveries contact the following email address:

What should I do if my order is lost?
If the delivery is lost contact the support service atthe following email address: 3 working days from the expected delivery date, the courier will be contacted to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. If necessary the order will be printed again and sent to the client.

Any request for information about the service or shipping can be sent to




General conditions to access and use the PRINT UP software; privacy policy.  

Introduction   PRINT UP  – henceforth also referred to as “PU” – is, essentially a software developed under the direction and coordination of Photosì S.p.A. (that owns the rights of use and the right to grant the use to third parties), structured to process digital photographic images for various uses such as: – printing the images transmitted by the user with a smartphone on photographic paper; – product various photographic products with the images transmitted by the user with a smartphone. On the whole the activities performed with “PU” are generically defined as “Services”. In order to use the Services offered by the software, as well as the relative functions, the user must carefully read these conditions and, if he/she decides to subscribe to the Service, provide their consent. The orders can be sent online only after the User has accepted the general sales conditions, by selecting the specific confirmation box. From a legal point of view this does not, however, constitute a suitable acceptance by the USER to produce the online conclusion of the purchasing contract for the photographic products: the aforementioned acceptance will take place at a later moment, in a selected point of sale where the User will have the right to collect (and pay) for the aforementioned products, only if of a good quality. The above obviously does not apply if the User decides to receive the products at home. The conditions for using the Services offered by “PU” to the subscribed User, who assumes full responsibility for the data entered in the registration form and for the way the Services are used, are listed below. The User undertakes to promptly update the data provided in order to keep it up to date.

Privacy Policy In order to ensure the correct use of the Services offered with the PRINT UP (“PU”) software, Photosì S.p.A., the Data Controller, located in via Carpegna 22- 47838 RICCIONE –ITALY, informs its Users of its Privacy Policy. The personal data requested from the parties (“Users”) that register and want to use the Services will be stored, collected and processed, in compliance with the provision of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (“Privacy Policy”), by the Data Controller pursuant to the following purposes: (i) purposes directly connected and instrumental to providing and managing the Services in compliance with these GENERAL CONDITIONS; (ii) to send advertising material related to products and Services provided by Photosì; (iii) to survey the quality of the Services and the User’s level of satisfaction, (subject to the USER’S agreement) both directly and with the collaboration of specialised operators; (iv) to perform statistical research. In relation to the promotional aims, the aforementioned purposes will be carried out in compliance with the Privacy Policy and therefore the Users using the Services can receive promotional information via email and notices sent within the “PU” applications to the client’s smartphone: unless the users object by sending a specific communication via email to the address A specific consent will be requested, where necessary, in order to send further commercial information. The User’s data (Registration Data and Photographic Images) can also be communicated and processed by third parties for the purposes strictly relevant or connected  to supplying the Services requested from the Data Controller such as, but not limited to: (i) photographic centres selected by the User for the delivery of the photos, (ii) people, companies, associations or professional studios that provide support and consulting activities to PHOTOSI’, (iii) companies, bodies, associations that perform services connected and instrumental for the execution of the purposes listed above (e.g. couriers used to deliver goods, support centres, etc.) and companies part of the same PHOTOSI’ corporate group. In certain cases, and subject to the User’s agreement, the data may be communicated to third parties that provide goods and/or Services on the internet, with which Photosì has entered into a commercial or partnership contract aimed at promoting the circulation and distribution of the Service and the offer of new Services, or for any other commercial or marketing initiative of the partners. For organisational requirements linked to the data processing activities and/or activities instrumental to the management of the Service, certain personal data may be made available abroad, in EU and non-EU countries, always in compliance with the purposes listed above. The names of the aforementioned parties will always be available to the User, following a specific (and informal) request to be forwarded to: The data required to supply the Services requested are processed with computer, data processing and paper supports with methods that guarantee their safety and confidentiality. The data processing activities are performed both by internal Photosì personnel, assigned to the activities, and by external parties, if necessary appointed data processors, which may be assigned any processing operations such as the maintenance of electronic equipment in compliance with the regulations set out in the Technical Specifications, attachment B of the Privacy Policy. Appropriate safety measures are employed to prevent the loss of data and to prevent illegal or incorrect uses and unauthorised accesses. Photosì protects the USER’S data by using the best safety measures.


User personal data (“Registration data”) As stated above the User, in order to use the Services, must fill the registration form and provide specific information. Other data, not necessary to supply the Service, may be requested, but it is optional: consequently the Service requested by the User is not compromised if the aforementioned information is not provided.

Data provided voluntarily by the user (“Photographic images”) The photographic images are classified as personal data. The optional and voluntary transmission of photographic images to perform the Services requested is subject to the regulations of the Privacy Policy. Such data will be processed in compliance with the strictest confidentiality and safety profiles. The User is therefore requested to employ the utmost care in storing his/her ID and password. If, subsequently, the images contain information that may reveal the state of health, sexual practices or political information, the User aware of this, upon sending  the order in compliance with the Privacy Policy, must issue a written consent by sending an email to:

Navigation data The data processing systems and the procedures used for the operation of “PU” acquire, during their normal operation and automatically, certain user data, whose transmission is implicit in the use of communication protocols on the internet and mobile networks (so called log files). This information is not collected in order to be linked to specifically identified individuals but, due to its nature it could, through processes and association with data held by third parties, allow the identification of the user. This category of data contains IP addresses or domain names of computers used by the users, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used for the request to the server, the size of the response file, the numerical code indicating the status of the response provided by the server (successful, error, etc.) the geographical position of the user and other parameters related to the operating system and the user’s computer. This data is used only to obtain anonymous statistical data about the use of the software and to check that it is functioning correctly and to produce the service. The selfsame data can be used to establish responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the system and may be supplied to judicial authorities, if expressly requested by the selfsame authorities.

Collaboration with the Authorities The Data Controller, as stated above, reserves the right to transmit any type of material entered by the Users to the judicial authorities if expressly requested by the selfsame authorities. In particular Photosì reserves the unappealable right:

  • to collaborate with the authorities in charge, if requested by the selfsame authorities;
  • to report to the competent authorities any action that is damaging to human dignity and in particular any abuse and/or mistreatment of minors, if the aforementioned circumstances are accidentally revealed to the employees of the appointed company that owns the system;
  • to report to the competent authorities any external attempt to force the safeties of the selfsame system or any attempt that could be intended as hostile.

User’s Rights The Users can at any time exercise – in writing to Photosì at the following address: – the rights set out in article 7 of the Legislative Decree No.196/2003, amongst which the confirmation of the existence (or not) of the selfsame data and to be informed about the content and origin of the data, to check its correctness or to integrate or update the data, or to correct, delete, render anonymous or block data processed in breach of the law, as well as to prevent, for legitimate reasons, the data processing activities, or object that the data be used for commercial, advertising or marketing information.  

GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS The use of the Service implies the agreement of the following general conditions. Carefully read the conditions before continuing with the installation.

1. ACCEPTING THE CONDITIONS The Service which can be activated with the PRINT UP program, as offered to the USER, is supplied by the aforementioned Photosì S.p.A with registered office in Italy, in Riccione (RN) in Via Carpegna n. 22: in compliance with these GENERAL CONDITIONS, which Photosì may change at any time without notice. By registering, with the aforementioned procedure, the USER confirms that he/she has read, and completely understood, the general sales conditions. The USER is aware that the delivery terms of the prints are never final, but merely indicative.

2. DESCRIPTION OF THE SERVICE The PRINT UP program currently provides users with an online print Service through mobile devices (henceforth also simply referred to as the “Service”). Unless otherwise agreed, any change to the Service that renders its use different from its current form, as well as the launch of new Services, will be subject to and regulated by the aforementioned GENERAL CONDITIONS. The USER acknowledges and agrees that the Service is supplied in the version available in that specific moment, and that Photosì is not responsible for its use and availability. The USER declares that he/she is aware that, in order to use the Service, an internet connection is required and payment must be made for the aforementioned connection. That, moreover, the users require the equipment for the aforementioned internet connection, amongst which a smartphone and all the requirements for the connection.

3. OBLIGATIONS RELATED TO THE REGISTRATION In relation to the Service the USER undertakes to:

  • provide the personal information (henceforth also referred to as the “Registration Data”) requested during the registration procedure and ensure that it is current, complete and truthful;
  • promptly and constantly update the Registration Data in order to maintain them current, complete and truthful.

If the USER provides false, inaccurate, dated or incomplete information, or if Photosì believes, on the basis of its own discretional assessment, that the information provided by the USER is false, inaccurate, dated or incomplete, Photosì will have the right to disable, temporarily or definitively, the account of the USER in question, blocking any subsequent access to the Service.

4. PRIVACY POLICY The Registration Data, as well as any other information which can directly or indirectly be associated to a specific USER, is collected and used in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003. In compliance and due to the effects of article 13 of the aforementioned decree, Photosì informs that: a)    the Registration Data supplied by the Users is collected and used by Photosì, especially though data instruments and procedures, for the following purposes: (i) purposes directly connected and instrumental to providing and managing the Service in compliance with these GENERAL CONDITIONS; (ii) exclusively subject to the USER’S agreement, to provide commercial information, marketing and market research operations, as well as to send advertising material related to products and Services provided by Photosì and third party advertisers; (iii) once again subject to the USER’S agreement, surveying the quality of the Services and the Users level of satisfaction, both directly and with the collaboration of specialised operators; (iv) perform statistical research. Due to the fact that the photo-print program is a Photosì product, which uses a series of production locations, for requirements tied to the centralised provision of data processing activities and/or activities instrumental to the management of the Service, certain personal data may, for the same purposes, be stored in data supports in various operational locations or with third parties; b)    the Registration Data is optional. However not providing some of the data which is expressly indicated as necessary pursuant to the purposes of item “a” (i) will result in the impossibility for Photosì to supply the Service. Not providing data not expressly indicated as necessary for the purposes set out in item “a” (i) will not compromise in any way the supply of the Service; c)    some data may be communicated by Photosì, pursuant to the purposes set out in item “a” (i), to its decentralised production centres or to third parties instructed to perform the activities directly linked and instrumental to the supply and distribution of the Services as well as (subject to the USER’S agreement) to third parties that provide goods and/or Services on the internet, with which Photosì has entered into a commercial or partnership contract aimed at promoting the circulation and distribution of the Service and the offer of new Services. For special events or shows (e.g. competitions or prize contest), some of the personal data of USERS that take part in the aforementioned contests, may be distributed by being published on the relevant websites. For organisational requirements linked to the data processing activities and/or activities instrumental to the management of the Service, certain personal data may be made available abroad, in EU and non-EU countries. The receivers of the communications and transfers will be companies that Photosì uses to supply the Service and which will use the data for the same purposes that Photosì collected it; d)    article 7 of the aforementioned decree allows the USER to: (i) exercise specific rights, amongst which obtaining from Photosì the confirmation of the existence (or not) of his/her personal data and their availability in an intelligible form; (ii) to be informed about the origin of the data as well as the logic and purposes of the data processing activities; (iii) to delete, render anonymous or block data processed in breach of the law, as well as to update, correct or, if necessary, integrate the data; (iv) prevent, for legitimate reasons, the data processing activities, that is object, at any time, to the use of the data for marketing operations and for commercial information. In order to exercise the aforementioned rights the USER can contact Photosì and directly the president of the board of directors; e)    The data controller is Photosì S.p.A. with registered office in Riccione (RN) in via Carpegna n. 22. The complete list of the data processers and the third party autonomous data controllers connected to processes carried out with the photo-print program, will be provided easily and free of charge, following a specific request to Photosì’s data processor. By accepting these GENERAL CONDITIONS, the USER authorises Photosì to collect, communicate and transfer his/her personal data to the parties listed above, within the limits and pursuant to the purposes indicated in this policy.

5. ACCOUNT, ID AND PASSWORD (or PW) At the end of the Service registration procedure the USER is assigned a password, for which he/she is exclusively responsible (responsibility which obviously extends to all activities which can be exercised through its use). The USER, therefore, undertakes to promptly inform Photosì of any unauthorised use of his/her password and account, as well as any other violation of the safety rules that he/she is aware of. Photosì cannot in any way be held responsible for any damages due to the noncompliance with item 5, as the USER is aware that, in order to regulate the access to the Service, his/her own authentication is performed with the verification of the ID and the password used by the selfsame. The USER is therefore responsible for the storage and correct use of his/her own ID and password used to access the Service, as well as for any damaging or prejudicial consequence due to the incorrect use, loss, theft and/or prejudice to the confidentiality of the ID and password used by the USER. All the operations performed with the ID and password used by the USER are automatically traced back to the USER for the operations and requests performed, without exception. The USER acknowledges and takes note that Photosì can always produce, as evidence of the procedures carried out by the USER and, more in general, of the relations with the USER, proof which can be extracted from the computer systems and procedures provided by Photosì in order to access the Service.

6. USER’S RULES OF CONDUCTThe USER acknowledges that all the information, photographs, images and all the files without distinction (henceforth also referred to as the “Contents”) that he/she transmits are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the persons that the Contents originate from: that is to say that the USER, and not Photosì, is solely and exclusively responsible for any type of Content sent via email or transmitted or circulated in another way through the Service. Photosì cannot, in any way, check the Contents transmitted and/or circulated with the Service and consequently does no guarantee the lawfulness, truthfulness, correctness and quality of the selfsame Contents. The USER undertakes not to use the Service to: (1) send via email or transmit in another way Contents that are unlawful, harmful, minatory, abusive, harassing, slanderous and/or defamatory, vulgar, obscene, damaging of another person’s privacy, racist, classist or in any way reprehensible; (2) harm, in any way, minors; (3) send via email, or transmit or circulate in another way, Content that he/she has been prohibited from transmitting or circulating due to a legal or contractual provision or due to a confidentiality agreement; (4) perform framing activities of the contents of the Service, that is try to import portion of external websites inside the PORTAL; (5) send via email, or transmit or circulate in another way, Content that breaches patents, trademarks, secrets, copyright or other industrial and/or intellectual property rights of third parties (henceforth also referred to as “Rights”); (6) send via email, or transmit or circulate in another way, any material containing viruses or other codes, files or programs created to disrupt, destroy or limit the operation of software, hardware or telecommunication systems of third parties; (7) interfere or interrupt the Service, the servers or the networks connected with the Service, act in contrast with any requirement, procedure or rule of the network connected to the Service; (8) violate, intentionally or unintentionally, any applicable law or regulation. The USER acknowledges that Photosì does not check the Contents beforehand, as it is also not capable of checking them. However Photosì and the parties appointed by the selfsame reserve the discretional right – without assuming any obligation – to reject or remove any Content which can be accessed with the Service. Without prejudice to the above, Photosì and the parties appointed by the selfsame reserve the right to remove any Content that violates these GENERAL CONDITIONS or that is reprehensible. The USER undertakes to fully and independently assess, assuming all the risks, the significance of any Content, in particular, waiving, always and in any case, the rights to any complaint in case the trust that the USER has placed on the truthfulness, completeness or utility of the various Contents is compromised. The USER acknowledges and accepts that Photosì has the right to memorise the Contents and to reveal them to third parties for the following purposes: a) to affiliated companies, in order to supply the Service to the USER efficiently and to administer the USER’S account in compliance with its own administration procedures or the procedures of the aforementioned affiliated companies; when legally required to exercise this right, or when Photosì deems it, in good faith, necessary in order to: (i) comply with legal procedures; (ii) apply the GENERAL CONDITIONS; (iii) respond to disputes claiming that the Contents violate third party rights; (iv) protect the rights, properties or safety requirements of the selfsame Photosì, its users and third parties. The USER acknowledges and agrees that the technical processing, the transmission or the circulation of the Service, including its Contents, could imply:

  • the transmission or circulation of the Contents on (or through) other networks;
  • the need to make changes in order to conform and adapt the aforementioned Contents to the technical specifications of the networks or the connection equipment.

7. SPECIAL NOTICE FOR INTERNATIONAL USE Taking into consideration the global nature of the internet, the USER will undertake to comply with any good practices of self-regulation in terms of the conduct during the whole connection phase and in terms of the Contents being transmitted. In particular the USER will comply with all the legislative regulations in terms of data transmission and the quality of the Contents exported applicable in the country that he/she resides in.

8. INDEMNITY CLAUSE The USER declares and guarantees that he/she will indemnify and keep indemnified Photosì and the distributor, as well as associated or subsidiary parties (as well as their representatives, employees or any partners) from any claim for damages – including reasonable legal expenses – arising from the Contents transmitted or sent by the USER, by the improper use of the Service by the USER, by a connection to the Service in contempt of the standards applicable to the Service, as well as by a violation of third party rights.

9. PROHIBITION TO TRANSFER OR USE THE SERVICE FOR COMMERCIAL GAINS The USER will undertake not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, handle and use the Service (or part of the Service), or the mere access to the aforementioned Service, for commercial gains.

10. DISABLING THE USER ID AND PW – SUSPENSION, INTERRUPTION OF THE SERVICE The USER acknowledges and agrees that Photosì can disable the password and account, or interrupt access to the Service, and it has the right to remove or refuse the distribution of a Content in the Service if a specific USER does not use, for at least 6 months, or if Photosì believes that it is in breach or if the USER has acted incompatibly or contrary to the spirit or the letter of these GENERAL CONDITIONS.

11. PRINT UP PROPERTY RIGHTS The USER acknowledges that the Service and all the necessary software used in connection with the Service (namely “the SOFTWARE”) is protected by intellectual and/or industrial property laws. The USER acknowledges and agrees that the Contents of the advertisements and the information presented to the USER by the Service or by advertisers are protected by copyright, trademarks, patents or other intellectual and/or industrial property rights. Except when expressly authorised by Photosì or by the distributor, the USER will not change or use (free or for payment) and not distribute or create work based in part or in full on the Service or the Software.

12. NO ASSURANCES BY PRINT UP The USER acknowledges and expressly declares that:

  • the Service is used at his/her sole and exclusive discretion;
  • the Service is provided in the version available in that specific time;
  • in terms of the Service, Photosì does not assume any responsibility in terms of the use and availability, punctuality, cancellation or interruption (as the company is not responsible for any explicit and/or implicit assurances, including but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability and fitness for specific uses or in terms of the quality of the Service);
  • Photosì does not guarantee the Service uninterruptedly.

13. LIMITS OF THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PORTAL The USER recognises and agrees that Photosì and the distributor will not in any case be responsible neither for the cost of supplying the replacement goods and Services for the corresponding services acquired or obtained with the Service nor, all the more so, for any damages of any type and nature, also related to loss of profits, commercial start up and data (even if Photosì was warned of such possible damages for the users), resulting from: (i) an improper use of the Service; (ii) an unauthorised access or a distortion of the transmission or of the USER data; (iii) incorrect actions or declarations of any third party. However none of the above shall limit or exclude Photosì’s responsibility in case of damages due to malice or gross negligence on the part of Photosì.

14. COMMUNICATIONS Any communication between the parties must be in writing, indifferently whether electronic mail or ordinary post. Photosì can communicate changes to these GENERAL CONDITIONS also by issuing notices to the users through the Service.

15. INFORMATION ON THE REGISTERED TRADEMARKS The logos used on the PORTAL are trademarks owned by Photosì and the distributor. The USER will not use the aforementioned trademarks in any way without the previous permission of the aforementioned parties.

16.  PAYMENT POLICY (online) 16.1 Before placing an order the user must be registered with an account on the application. The user must follow the instructions on how to place an order and how to make changes to the order before confirming it on the website. 16.2 Independently of any previous price that the user has seen or heard, once the user selects the product that he/she wants to order, the costs, which must be paid inclusive of taxes and any applicable shipping costs, will be displayed on the application. If there is no provision to the contrary on the application, all the costs are in the currency indicated. 16.3 The user must pay for the product in full upon confirming the order, by providing a credit or debit card from a company accepted by us or by Paypal, in order to process the order. Based on the results of the credit check we reserve the right not to offer these forms of payment and to provide the client with other forms of payment. 16.4 The user must be fully authorised to use the card or account, whose details are requested. The card or account must have sufficient funds to cover the payment submitted. 16.5 The user will provide all the details of the credit or debit card, or of the account or other payment method being used, in order to purchase the product and we will take it as fact that they are of his/her property. We reserve the right to validate the payment data before providing the product. 16.6 When the user sends an order through the application, he/she accepts the Terms and Conditions applicable on the date that the order is confirmed. 16.7 The order confirmed by the user will remain in the suspended payment state until we issue the order confirmation, and then send the order in processing. The payment will be effectively charged only at this stage. 16.8  We are not obliged to provide the product to the user until we have accepted his order. If there is no express communication stating that we accept his/her order, (IN PROCESSING), any letter, email, fax or other acknowledgement of the order on our part is purely informative and does not constitute an order confirmation. We reserve the right to accept or decline a user’s order for whatever reason, including the unavailability of the supplies. If we refuse to produce the order after 3 days, the requested payment will lapse and the order status will automatically return to “NEW ORDER”. If the user discovers that he/she has made a mistake after having confirmed the order, and paid for the order, he/she must immediately contact: However we cannot guarantee that we will be able to change the order in compliance with the requests. 16.9 If, after having accepted an order, therefore in the IN PROCESSING status, we discover a problem that could cause an undefined or temporary delay to the normal processing times (typically referred to as an ANOMALY) we reserve the right to interrupt the process, in order to maintain the quality of the final product ordered. Until the anomaly is resolved we will try to establish formal contact with the user. 16.10 The user is kindly requested to provide only accurate and not misleading information on the account and must keep the information updated, informing us of any changes. 16.11. Upon receiving the order, if the user finds a disparity with the products ordered, the user has the right to contact our customer service to open a case in order to analyse and resolve the disparity.

17. VARIOUS The GENERAL CONDITIONS are the only and exclusive agreement between the USER, on one side, and Photosì and the distributor, on the other; they override any other previous agreement between the aforementioned parties. The USER must also comply with any GENERAL CONDITIONS related to the use of complementary Services or linked to third party content, that is related to third party software use rules. Photosì’s failure to exercise any right set out by the law, or these GENERAL CONDITIONS, will not operate as a waiver thereof. It is agreed that, if one or more prescriptions of these GENERAL CONDITIONS, is declared invalid by the competent judge, the remaining clauses listed above, as well as the other previous GENERAL CONDITIONS, will remain binding.

18. GOVERNING LAW AND PLACE OF JURISDICTION The GENERAL CONDITIONS and the relations between Photosì and the distributor (on the one side) and the USER, on the other, are governed by Italian law. The Rimini court of justice has exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute inherent, arising or connected to the GENERAL CONDITIONS or the use of the Service.

Customer Privacy Policy

When you use or connect to a PhotoSì website or download a PrintUP mobile app by or through a Third Party Platform, such as Facebook or other social networking site, you allow us to access and/or collect certain information from your Third Party Platform profile/account (such as your Facebook account) or via any cookies placed on your device by such Third Party Platform as permitted by the terms of the agreement and your privacy settings with the Third Party Platform. We will share such information with the Third Party Platform for their use as permitted by the terms of the agreement and your privacy setting with the Third Party Platform.”

“We will share some of the information we collect from you upon install of the mobile app with vendors and other service providers who are engaged by or working with us in connection with the operation of the services we provide to you and/or for analytics purposes which may require the reproduction and display of such information in an aggregated and anonymized manner such that will not in any way identify you.”

End-users ability to opt-out of data collection

“You may “opt out” of the collection of your information for third party analytics purposes by following the directions provided by our third party analytics vendor located at . If you “opt out” with our third party analytics provider, that action is specific to the information we collect specifically for that provider, and does not limit our ability to collect information from you, under the terms of this privacy policy, for other vendors.”



The products produced with PRINTUP are prints on real photographic paper. PrintUp prints from: - files generated by the PrintUp camera function - files in the “photo roll” and obtained with the smartphone camera function - files generated by all applications that take photos or process images. Borders and effects can be added during the order stage, in order to achieve an exclusive design of the photos. The “social layout” function gives the prints a specific design with a white border containing: – date and location of the photo, entered automatically by the application with the metadata of the photo. – a profile image selected by the author to “sign” his work. – a message, max 70 characters, written by the author. All the data is displayed in the preview, where the user can check that all the information is present, as certain files may lack the metadata of the location the picture was taken. In some cases the GPS cell may not be the one where the picture was taken. In this case the location shown on the photo may be the town next to the one where the photo was taken. This information cannot be corrected and the user, in order to remove it, must not use the social layout.

PACKAGING Prints in the 12x size formats are packaged in bags for orders up to 9 copies and in boxes for larger orders. Prints in the 20x size formats are always packaged in bags.

SHIPPING AND DELIVERY Shipping is via couriers with home delivery. Payment is via credit card or Pay Pal. The countries covered, the delivery costs and timing are specified in the section “Delivery Cost and times” within the app. Based on the quantity and the formats ordered the order may be split into various shipments, with separate deliveries, with no additional costs. The client will receive an email after the order has been shipped, indicating the delivery times.

SUPPORT Any request for information about the service or shipping can be sent to If the order is lost during shipping the client can send an email, 3 working days after the expected delivery date, to The support Service will contact the courier to resolve the problem as soon as possible and, where necessary, will send the client another print of the order.

RIGHTS PrintUp is an application which has been designed and produced entirely by PHOTOSI spa – via Carpegna 22- 47838– RICCIONE – ITALY, who owns it and holds the patents and all the rights.

PATENTS The navigation, design, effects and the functions of PrintUp are patented; all the rights are the property of PHOTOSI spa – via Carpegna 22- 47838 – RICCIONE – ITALY

AUTHORS Andrea Mainetti, Ivan Braidi, Mirko Garattoni, Giancarlo Montebelli, Diego Bonura, Riccardo Casali, Fabio Masini, Simone Ciccioni, Stefania Guerra, Valentina Morri, Alessio La Penna, Alessio Nonni, Marco Viviani, Federico Baffetti, Gianluca Catzeddu .